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Production line
We have a 6000m² modern assembly workshop and advanced production equipment,as well as a scientific production management model.
The workshop assembly line production process has reached the ISO international certification level,We carry out standardized production in
strict accordance with ISO and BSCI specifications.

Our production line has a group of experienced and energetic management team,They use excellent management methods,Strictly control all
production links of the product,The quality of the product is effectively guaranteed.Every employee on the production line has undergone rigorous
training,We always believe that skilled skills are an important basis for improving production capacity.


Quality management
We have a group of experienced quality management teams,They strictly implement various standardized operations.And use skilled skills,
Control all aspects of product quality inspection in an all-round way.Using advanced testing equipment and scientific quality management system,
Ensure that the service life of the product is effectively extended.

We use these devices to make every product excellent:
life time tester/High and low temperature Test/Current tester/Salt spray tester/Tempered glass reliable Test/Electronic scale sensor tester
/Transportation tester/Circuit board automatic fixing screw machine,etc.


Each of our quality inspectors has undergone strict professional training.We firmly believe that quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise,
It is the standard for customer recognition of products.

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