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OEM Service

Product Service
We have rich experience in IC module development/product design/manufacturing of electronic scales,
Is a professional manufacturer of household electronic scales, can provide a full range of OEM/ODM services.
We can also provide intelligent application development and design services for electronic scales.


Product Overview
After more than 10 years of enterprise development and technology accumulation, in continuous technological innovation,
Makes the product category has been diversified.
Our main products are:Kitchen scale,Coffee scale,Bluetooth scale, bathroom scale, body fat scale, weighting scale,luggage scale,etc.

Product Usage Scenarios
Our products are mainly used in the household field and are the ideal choice for global household consumers.
It is favored by companies in various business trade/electronic products/e-commerce/product agents all over the world.


Kitchen Scene
Our kitchen electronic scales,Can be used for cooking/baking/nutritious meals and other purposes,
The product can be used in the kitchen of the family or the catering industry.


Weighing Scene
Our human body electronic scales,Can measure the body weight,And body data such as fat/calories/moisture,etc.
It can be used in home/office/gym,etc scenes.


Coffee Scene
Our coffee scale can be used to brew coffee,This product can be used in scenes such as home or coffee shop.


In the technological era of interconnection of all things, we are in the near future,
There will be more and more new products, suitable for various scenarios,
Stay tuned for our surprise moment!

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