Why to use body fat scales

why to use body fat scales

Many families buy different scales like bathroom scales, body fat scales, bluetooth body fat scales to check body status, as more and more people are aware body fat ratio percentage is very important to judge how the body health good or not. 

There are many benefits from body fat scales once you start to use it from the first day:
Set weight goals
Monitor body fat ratio changes every week or every month
monitor weight
maintain muscle mass
daily water intake checking

At the same time, Canny developed APP to easily track body measurement on your mobile phone by bluetooth connection.
Canny smart body fat scales, provide free firmware updates. It comes with phone app named fitgo-ideas for health
The app is completely different from others with these advantages:
No need to login in and protect privacy
No need to pair, shows the measurement data at once
Customized logo in first page is free
Sync with Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit
Over 18 languages, and more languages customized available