Canny High precision Kitchen Scale project cooperated with Joyoung in 2022

Canny High Precision Kitchen Scale Project Cooperated with Joyoung in 2022

Since Shenzhen International Gift Fair in Oct. 2021, Canny and Joyoung had a meeting about the kitchen appliance project discussion including high precision kitchen food scale 0.1g graduation. Joyoung will supply the kitchen food scale 0.1g to those who love the brand Joyoung and love cooking. As Joyoung is known for selling innovative kitchen appliances at an affordable price.
Canny high precision kitchen food scale 0.1g, units kg/g/lb:oz/oz/ml, measuring different food materials to experience precise cooking.

Main features of the precision kitchen scales 0.1g:
1.High-Precision: canny kitchen food scale equipped with four built-in high-precision load sensors
   have 0.005oz/0.1g increments when adding ingredients 
2.Units Conversion: easily converts units between kg/ g/ lb:oz/ ml/ oz, help you measure different type of foods and weights
3.Tare Function: The tare function allows you to subtract the weight of container, and can help you
   get the accurate reading for food & ingredients high precision kitchen food scale 0.1g
4.Hanghook for easy storagehigh precision kitchen food scale 0.1g

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